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Get your Network Working

The programme that shows you how to build and grow a new revenue stream for your business through networking.

Are you an interior designer looking for business support? Do you feel stuck and unsure what to do next to grow your interior design business?

When you run your own business, it can be difficult to know how to tackle challenges. It’s hard to be subjective and spot opportunities for business growth.

You’re not alone – that’s what a Fresh Pair of Eyes is for. Talk about your business challenges with a trusted mentor to get clarity on what steps to take next to grow your interior design business.

What is a Fresh Pair of Eyes?


A Fresh Pair of Eyes is a one-to-one session for interior designers. I take a fresh look at your interior design business in three key areas: Sales, Services and Pricing, and Marketing.

The objective is to look at a short-term view of what’s going on in your business, the challenges you face, and the impact these challenges are having.

Common hurdles to growing an interior design business include –

  • Not having a business strategy or plan in place
  • Lack of financial goals and expense awareness
  • Doing everything yourself and not outsourcing
  • Not charging enough for your work
  • Struggling to market your business

A Fresh Pair of Eyes is perfect for any interior design business that feels like they are at a standstill, or are struggling with any of these challenges…

After only 90-minutes, you’ll come away feeling in control and ready to take positive action.

What to expect from your Fresh Pair of Eyes session


Before the session, I ask you to complete a short questionnaire. This information allows me to prepare a mini audit of your website and social media accounts, so the session can be personalised and has the most impact.

We then get together for 90 minutes on Zoom.

The session is led by a series of questions which you may or may not know the answer to. Not knowing the answer is okay – it helps identify where your business is at.

Here’s a snippet of the types of questions that are asked:

  1. How far ahead have you set your financial plan?
  2. When did you complete your last pricing review?
  3. Which of your services brings the most profit?
  4. Which marketing channel converts the best?

Once again, it’s important to stress not knowing all the answers is okay.

At the end of the session three key actions are identified as the priorities for your business. This gives you a focus – without feeling overwhelmed by tasks.

Each person will have a completely different set of actions after a Fresh Pair of Eyes session. It’s tailored to giving your interior design business a boost.

After the session, you might need further support and advice to implement the actions. I offer something for everyone, with one-to-one mentoring services through to group programmes.

Who is your interior design business mentor?


I’m Vicky Labinger, an interior design mentor and business strategist with over 30+ years’ experience in a range of businesses. 

I work with small to medium size interior design businesses, from sole traders to studios. I give interior designers the tools and skills they need to be confident in business, bringing my insider knowledge of the Interior Design world.

If you need practical, no-nonsense business advice and a supportive mentor, I’m here to help.

Get a Fresh Pair of Eyes on your interior design business


Are you ready to grow your interior design business? Great – book your Fresh Pair of Eyes session here.

If you’d like more information, watch this short video explaining the Fresh Pair of Eyes service.