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Every business owner in every industry struggles with at least one, if not more than one of the statements on the list below. Interior designers are no exception.

If you don’t, you must be a unicorn, and we know how hard they are to spot…

10 common challenges of interior designers


If you’re an interior designer, how many of the 10* do you find yourself nodding along to as you read?

  1. Are you easily distracted?
  2. Do you work better under pressure and leave the big jobs until nearer the deadline?
  3. Are you working all hours, for little reward (pay)?
  4. Do you feel the euphoria of a new client, only to be squashed when they don’t reply to messages?
  5. Are you doing more work that you’ve quoted for?
  6. Do you have trouble staying focused?
  7. Do you implement new systems/processes and then not stick to them?
  8. Do you plan too many tasks each day including planning work on ‘days off’?
  9. Are you bad at not scheduling or taking time for your own self-care?
  10. Do you feel the constant guilt of being a working Mum?

*This list could so easily have been 20 or 30 items.

You are not alone. I wrote this list as I struggled with all of them, and some days I still struggle (I am not perfect). And I am not a unicorn.

I want you to ask yourself why struggle alone, or why even struggle at all?

Essential business skills for interior designers


The chances are, there’s something you know you need to work on to improve your interior design business and overcome these challenges. But are you avoiding them, or feel unsure where to start?

It could be that you need to brush up on your business skills. When was the last time you did a full business review? Do you have a proper business plan in place?

It could also be you need to work on your own self-confidence. Does imposter syndrome hold you back?

There’s often plenty of simple changes you can make as a business owner to improve your overall business, resulting in a better work/life balance and job satisfaction.

Don’t let the private challenges stop you from achieving business success.

Overcome business challenges with an interior design mentor


Whether you find sales and marketing hard, struggle with financial planning, or need motivation and an accountability partner, I can help. As an interior design mentor and business strategist with over 30+ years of experience, we can find a practical solution to face these challenges head-on.

Click here to book a one-to-one chat to tell me about what you are struggling with and how you are feeling.  I will sympathise (for a few minutes) and then we’ll chat about what actions you could take to move forward.

Take a moment and imagine taking 48 incremental steps every week (I’ll give you two weeks off for Christmas and a Summer break) – how would that make you feel? How would your business have changed?

Or how about taking 364 small incremental steps every day (I’ll just give you Christmas Day off).

Deleting (or certainly shrinking) the above statements is possible.

You could get there quicker either working one to one with a mentor/guide, or in a community that have all been there, got the t-shirt, and many are still wearing the t-shirt. Let’s overcome your interior design business challenges together.

If you’re an interior designer that like to work one-to-one, then check out more details on my mentoring service. All sessions are tailored to your specific challenges and needs.

If you work better in a group then why not pop over and check out my Interior Designers Business Hangout community on Facebook. It’s a supportive space with other designers, helping to take the load off and stop facing your problems alone.