Perfect Your Pitch Bootcamp

Is it time to stop fumbling your way through the ‘elevator pitch’ for your business?

Join my 4-day live online bootcamp and I’ll show you how to build your own Perfect Pitch using my Six Essential steps.

Why Perfect Your Pitch?

It creates a strong first impression!

It helps others understand what it is that you do, increasing your chance of getting referrals.

It makes it easer for others to remember you (especially in a crowded space).

It highlights what’s unique about you and your business.

It shows that. you are ready for business opportunities.

How will Perfecting Your Pitch make you feel?

You’ll feel confident, enthusiastic, and ready to showcase your business with passion & conviction.


When can you use your Perfect Pitch?

Use your pitch for business during networking events, client meetings, presentations, sales pitches, and any opportunity to showcase what you do.


Here are the Bootcamp Details:

The Bootcamp will run live online for 4 days from Monday 22nd July to Thursday 25th July 2024 inclusive*

Each day we’ll be ticking off the Six Essential Steps to your Perfect Pitch, and once you have your perfect pitch how to use & adapt it.

There will be a private Facebook group to ask questions, and practise your pitch (optional).

Day 1 – Who you help and what makes you unique.

Day 2 – Who you want to be connected to.

Day 3 – Your hook and bringing it all together.

Day 4 – Using and adapting your pitch.

Every morning (6am) you’ll receive an email detailing the activity for the day.

Every lunchtime (1pm) I will be hosting a live session to take you through the teaching for the day (around 30 minutes) and answer any questions from the group.

*Don’t worry if you can’t attend live, a recording of each session will be emailed out around 5pm each day.

All this for only £19.

Check out these ‘Aha’ moments from the Perfect Your Pitch Bootcamp

“Working on the key connectors was a really useful exercise as I wasn’t thinking about it from my clients’ points of view”

“Realising the people I needed to connect with where not who I thought they were!”

“What makes me unique is also what makes my business memorable, so if definitely feels right to lead with my niche when pitching my business”

About your host


I’m Vicky Labinger, also known as the Fairy Godmother of Networking.

I’m passionate about showing business owners how to harness the power of networking to bring warm leads into their business. For me that starts with a great pitch.

I generate over 80% of the revenue into my business through networking where I adapt my pitch to tell the story about what I do, how I do it, and who I would like an introduction to.

I’ve been networking since I started my first proper job at 21, 30+ years ago. Working as an employee for large organisation and since January 2021 for my own businesses.

First impressions matter to me. When I ask new connections what their first impressions of me was, they always say Welcoming, Friendly & Professional.

Any questions?

Pop any questions you have over to me