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About Me

I’m a mentor and business strategist with over 30+ years’ experience in a range of businesses.  I give Interior Designers the tools and skills they need to be confident in business, bringing my insider knowledge of the Interior Design world.  

I work with sole traders through to small to medium size businesses. I work with designers just getting started or seasoned professionals that have become stagnant, stopped growing or are going backwards.

I’m the owner of My Claybrick Home and the founder behind the Interior Designers Business Hangout  

Let’s Look at Your Business with a Fresh Pair of Eyes

Fresh Pair of Eyes Service

A Fresh Pair of Eyes is a one-to-one online session where I take a fresh look at your business in three key areas: Sales, Services and Pricing, and Marketing.  

The objective is to look at a short-term view of what’s going on in your business, the challenges you face and the impact these challenges are having. 

The service is for sole traders through to studios.  

There is a short questionnaire for you to complete to allow me to prepare for the session, and then we get into the questions.  Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers, this helps me gauge where your business is at.  

At the end of the session three key actions are identified as the priorities for your business. 

You will receive the recording from the session so you can go back at any time to rewatch.  

If you want support implementing these priorities, we can work together either though my 121 or group programmes.  

If you’d like to find out more about booking a Fresh Pair of Eyes for your business, you can do that here.  

If you’d like to watch a short video which explains the service in more detail, you can do that here. 

Vicky Labinger Ourside the office

Video Testimonials

Batteson Studio

Chloe Batteson is a Suffolk based Interior Designer and the owner and founder of Batteson Studio.

She set up her business in 2022 after returning from working away in Singapore for 5 years. Chloe works mainly with second property owners in the Suffolk area, but her dream client would be working on the full branding and design for bars or restaurants.

Coming up to her first anniversary in business completing the Fresh Pair of Eyes came at the right time for Chloe who was struggling with a crisis of confidence. We identified three key activities to drive her business forward, and avoid spending time on ‘busy work’, and since the session Chloe has been working on the areas we identified.

Claire Parkin Interiors

Claire Parkin is a Kent based Interior Designer and the owner and founder of Claire Parkin Interiors.

She set up her business in the Autumn of 2019 juggling business around her young family, and her part time teaching role. Claire works mainly with empty nesters and professionals that have a second holiday homes in the Kent area.

Building a business with a young family takes focus as time working on her business is limited. During the Fresh Pair of Eyes session, we discussed the importance of a full financial plan to identify how and where to look for clients, and where to market to them.

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