What is your

Networking Personality Type?

Let me help you discover your Networking Personality Type and guide you along the journey to becoming a Networking Champion!

Being a Networking Champion will give you the knowledge & skills you need to grow a successful network, plus give you the confidence & ability to overcome any networking anxiety you may have.



As a seasoned networking champion, I’ve had the privilege to serve as both a networking mentor and coach, guiding individuals and businesses alike towards unlocking their full potential.

Services we Offer

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Networking for Success

We teach you how to build the right relationships for your business, enhancing your visibility and generating warm leads, ultimately driving growth and success in your industry.


Mentoring & Accountability

We guide and support as you grow your business providing practical help ensuring you move forward each day, holding you accountable to achieve your goals.


Interior Design for your Home

We design spaces for retired couples looking to refresh their homes whilst they enjoy their retirement. We use trusted trades giving clients the confidence that the work is done right, and at the right price.


Case Studies

Each case study underscores the pivotal role networking plays in driving success, and the importance of expert mentorship in navigating this dynamic landscape.


How to become a successful Networking Champion

Your Path to Success Begins with Effective Networking

Grow your networking confidence

Nurture valuble relationships

Debunk common networking myths

Establish & measure networking goals



Testimonials & Reviews

Some Love From Clients

Paul Townsend


Great session with Vicky today, asked excellent questions and rapidly understood what we are about. In a short time was able to offer quality, relevant advice, clear guidance and idea generation. Thanks Vicky, looking forward to the next one!

Mary Bugg

Estate Agent

In our first few meetings Vicky really took the time to understand my business, what sets me apart from other Estate Agents, the terminology, and the conversions that I am hoping to achieve. Vicky created a business framework, and we went through the numbers, so that I have a clear idea of what I need to do to achieve my goals.

Pamela Rae-Welsh

Fractional CMO

Vicky delivered a great training in my membership on networking and building connections for growing your business. She kept the audience engaged and was really focussed on results which is what my membership really appreciate. Thanks Vicky!

Tabitha Jane

Onboarding & Training Specialist for SME’s

I have known Vicky for over a year through networking and knew she was a ‘get shit done’ kinda girl and I know she had done in her business what I thought I wanted for mine. I said to Vicky, I don’t know exactly what I need, I just know I need you. I needed practical support and planning, not someone giving me more ideas that I wouldn’t be able to fulfill.


Vanessa Reeves

Interior Designer

I would thoroughly recommend Vicky, she has a friendly, no-nonsense approach, which helped me achieve my marketing goals. She gave me accountability and has been a very useful sounding board in what can be a lonely business. In addition, she shared a lot of knowledge in sales and client management to help me manage client leads. Thanks, Vicky, for all your support and advice, I’m glad I took the plunge to invest in my business.

Claire Parkin

Interior Design & Stylist

I have had the pleasure of working with Vicky in a coaching capacity and have found her to be incredibly helpful in guiding me as I continue to grow my interior design business. Working on your own can be lonely and so I really enjoyed working with Vicky and knowing that someone else was supporting me and guiding me. 


65% of new business opportunities come from referrals & recommendations?