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Get your Network Working

The programme that shows you how to build and grow a new revenue stream for your business through networking.

Fresh Pair of Eyes

90 minutes | £125
A Fresh Pair of Eyes is a one-to-one online session where I take a fresh look at your business in three key areas: Sales, Services and Pricing, and Marketing.

The objective is to look at a short-term view of what’s going on in your business, the challenges you face and the impact these challenges are having.

There is a short questionnaire for you to complete to allow me to prepare for the session, and then we get into the questions. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers, this helps me gauge where your business is at.

At the end of the session three to five key actions are identified as the priorities for you to take action on.

You will receive the recording from the session so you can go back at any time to rewatch.

If you want support implementing these priorities, we can work together either though my 121 or group programmes.
If you’d like to find out more about booking a Fresh Pair of Eyes for your business, you can do that here.

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One to One Mentoring

6 hours | £495

12 hours| £895

I’ve been there, got the t-shirt and learnt the hard way how to start and grown an Interior Design business. I don’t want you to have to learn the hard way.

I’ll work with you on the specific challenges that you face in your business.

I’ll ensure your business basics are in place starting with your business plan, your marketing strategy, your services, and pricing proposition, plus your approach to getting new clients.

I’ll also motivate you when you’re feeling lonely in business and wondering if it’s all worth it. (Trusty me, it is!)

Want to know more about mentoring with me, then check out this information pack.

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Client Review

“Vicky has given me the drive to confidently run with my business plan and not second guess myself. My mentoring sessions covered a range of questions I had, from business planning to pricing, and marketing. Overall, it was productive and engaging and we had a few laughs along the way. I highly recommend Vicky”.

Salima from Interior Design by Salima

Client Review

I’ve been doing a short programme with Vicky which has been incredibly useful to pick through a mirage of questions regarding my own design business & my approach. It’s incredibly useful to speak to a likeminded person in the same field who understands all the issues we face as Interior Designers. Thank you, Vicky, our conversations have given me the enthusiasm to plough forward with my business plans for 2023 & your tips and support invaluable.

Andrea from Interior Squirrel

Client Review

Working with Vicky was invaluable to moving ahead. She is wonderful to work with and is passionate about helping and encouraging. Summer was the perfect time to enlist her help. The balance was just right, firm about what needs to be done keeping you accountable for what is the agreed path and with the best of advice. Vicky is very down to earth, business savvy, friendly and easy to take to.

Fiona – Fiona Finnegan Interiors

Client Review

I would thoroughly recommend Vicky, she has a friendly, no- nonsense approach, which helped me achieve my marketing goals. She gave me accountability and has been a very useful sounding board in what can be a lonely business. In addition, she shared a lot of knowledge in sales and client management to help me manage client leads.

Vanessa – Carrasco Interiors

Still not sure? Check out these case studies from recent clients.

Find out how I helped Jennie

Despite completing many successful residential design projects, Jennie felt “frustrated at slow progress” in her business.

Find out how I helped Leisha

Leisha needed help with essential business skills after admitting she “went into the running and setting up of a business blind”

On Demand Workshops

£25 each | Lifetime access
Each workshop is 90 minutes and includes both my teachings, and questions from Interior Designers from the Designers Getting It Done community that attended the session live.

Interior Designers | Creating & Navigating 90-Day Plans

In this workshop I take you through the importance of having a 90-day plan and some examples. I show the difference between strategic and tactical activities, and why you should have both. Plus I share software tools that can help you, as well as the importance of accountability.


Interior Designers | Network Your Way to More Business

In this workshop I share that networking is all about one thing – Building Relationships. I share why a business isn’t going to give you their best client until they know, like and trust you and the five key steps to building successful relationships.


Interior Designers| Building and Executing Marketing Plans

In this workshop I share what a marketing strategy is and why no matter who big or small your business, you should have one. I take you through eight key marketing channels to consider for your business and the seven steps to take to define and deliver your strategy. I share examples of my own 90-day marketing plan.

Interior Designers | Making Email Marketing Work for You

In this workshop I share why Email Marketing is important, and how to make the most of it. I take you through 7 steps to make the most it from having a clear strategy to repurposing content. I share plenty of examples of how I use Email Marketing in my businesses.

Maximising Opportunity
Interior Designers| Converting Clients through Discovery Calls

In this workshop I share how I prepare for a client discovery call, the format of the call, my pitch presentation, the green lights and red flags I look out for during the call and finally my follow up process.

If you’d like to attend the workshops live, or get quicker access to recordings, then head over to Designers Getting It Done.

Business Strategy

From £1500

You don’t know what you don’t know.

How true this statement is.

If you know the question you need answering there are plenty of ways to find the answers. Read the results from a Google search, watch a video on YouTube, take an online course, or even join a free challenge to answer the question.

But what happens if you don’t know the question?

You’ll continue to do the best job you can with the information you have, and your business will continue to bob along, maybe plateau, or even fizzle out over time.

If you are looking to build your Interior Designer business, or maybe start one from scratch, then I can ask you ask you the right questions to:


  • Build your Financial Business Plan and Goals
  • Develop your Service and Pricing Funnel
  • Define your Business Processes
  • Identify the Systems you need
  • Scope your Marketing and Advertising Strategy
  • Explore Opportunities to Collaborate with Related Professionals
  • Track the Right Metrics

As a Business Strategist, I will tailor these activities to suit the specific needs and goals of each Interior Designer I work with.

If you’d like to find out more about the service I offer, and if it’s right for you, the first step is to book a free no-obligation call. You can do that here.

I am Vicky Labinger a CPD Accredited Business Strategist through the Lisa Johnson Academy and listed in the Certified Business Strategist Directory.



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